Monday, April 11, 2011


First of all I want to say thank you for the overflow of emails that I’ve received since the accident. It has been quite the process, dealing with the police, lawyer, and Professor Delgado. My Spanish is definitely improving. I am starting to be able to sleep better and my nightmares aren’t as bad anymore. No one should have to see death like that and hopefully I will never see anything as violent in my whole life.


So this weekend my Bucknell group went to Sevilla! It was SO FREAKING HOT. It was about 101 degrees! We took the bus from Granada to Itálica which is this old roman village outside of Sevilla that is mostly ruins. It was really boring. It was just all these ruins and there were no signs or anything so we dind’t know what they were and I was hot and getting sunburnt. So I was a bit grumpy during this part. It was cool looking and I would have enjoyed it if it wasn’t so damn hot. From there we drove into the actual city of Sevilla which is so beautiful. We walked to our hotel which was so fancy! I loved it! I was in room 1. Literally, room 001. I thought that was cool. After resting and eating lunch we walked through the park to Plaza de Esapña. Definitely my favorite plaza so far in Spain. There is a kind of moat that runs through it and every city in Spain has its own little ceramic decoration. We took lots of pictures in front of the Granada one and wandered around. It was too hot to stay there for long because it was right in the sun so we went to this park that was really shady and cool. There were lots of birds and we really enjoyed all the green. I didn’t realize how “green” deprived I feel. Living in a city is great but I miss green grass, trees, flowers, etc. Sevilla has a lot of that so it was really really nice.
We went to this archeological museum that was really boring. So we mocked all of the statues. The guard actually hated us. It was HILARIOUS. Professor Delgado was mad at the beginning and then he joined in. it was really fun. We have such a good group, I’m lucky.
After the museum we wandered back through the center of the city where we found this nice Chinese restuarante. There aren’t any good Chinese restaurants in Granada so we all jumped on the chance for good Chinese food. It was delicious!
Most of the group went out at night but I was still feeling really tired and lethargic from a week of no sleep due to the accident. Dad and I video chatted because the internet in the hotel was really good. It was so nice to see his big happy round face ☺ definitely made me smile.
The next day we went to the castle which actually reminded me a lot of the Alhambra. There are a lot of ducks and they were vicious. We had a lot of fun with that. After the castle we went to the cathedral which is actually the largest cathedral in spain (Granada is the third largest). It was really pretty. My favorite part though was the fact that in this cathedral is the tomb of Christopher Columbus! NO WAY! YES WAY! I was blown away. For some reason I had never read/heard of this before so I was really surprised to see it.
Sevilla is absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite cities in Spain. It is the only other city I’ve been to in Spain that I could see myself living in (besides Granada of course)

I leave for Italy on Wednesday!! I’m going to Venice, Florence, and Rome! I am so excited! I am working on my itinerary which I will post here ☺

Miss you all! Can’t believe I’m coming down the homestretch of my abroad experience! Only about 6 more weeks!

Pictures of Sevilla:

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