Monday, April 4, 2011

so just after i posted that I was looking out the window of the cafe and this audi runs a red light and runs into a motorcycle. The guy on the motorocyle's face hits the side of the car and then he goes flying and his helmet flew off and he landed on the concrete and cracked his head open. The man in the car stopped immediately and ran out. The owner of the cafe and I ran outside to see if the guy was okay. He wasn't moving and blood and some other chunky stuff that i don't even want to think about waht it was was coming out of his head. The cafe owner called the police and i threw up on the side of the road. He told me to go inside and I watched as the police came and interviewed the driver and the ambulence came and took away the hurt man. They cleaned up the blood and chunks and the glass. The cafe waitress brought me bread adn water and tried to calm me down. The police came in and was interviewing the cafe owner when he told them that he didn't see waht happened because he was working but i did. The police interviewed me in spanish and then a police officer came who spoke english and he interviewed me again in english. Still shaking and my friend is going to come and walk me home.

so totally freaked


  1. oh my god lucy. oh sweetheart! huge hugs and love from ny - so sorry you had to see that. please look after yourself ...

  2. Dearest Lucy
    We just read this... what a truly awful experience, but how brave of you to just get up and go to help.
    Hope you have it in some manageable place in your head now...
    With love from NZ
    A. BOB and JST