Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Classes are going really well!
Society and Politics of Spain: This one is my hardest class. It is Monday and Wednesday from 8:30am-10am and the Professor is from Granada so his accent is really thick. I have a really hard time understanding him but it is getting easier and easier every day. We learned all about the regime of Franco….i did not realize that, that was not that long ago! And are learning about the beginning of democracy in Spain. We watch the news every day during lunch/dinner so its really cool to be able to apply what i‘m learning in class to what I see on TV.

POE:I forget what it stands for but it is a class solely dedicated to oral practice. We spend the entire hour and a half having normal conversations conducted by an awesomeee professor. She corrects us when necessary but we’re getting to know each other really well and the class always flies by.

Art History (Baroqe-present): this class is a tad boring. We started learning about architecture and now we’re talking about sculptures. The professor talks. Really. Slowly. And it gets boring. He’s a really nice guy and I’m definitely learning a lot that I can apply to the things I’ve seen so far in Spain (and will see in the future) but sometimes it drags a little bit.

Modern Lit: Right now we are studying poesía modernismo. We’ve read some poems that I’ve really liked and others not so much. The professor is very conceited. He is fluent in English and Spanish and chooses to speak half in English and half in Spanish. It gets really frustrating because we’re here to learn Spanish!! He has good intentions but he only uses English when he thinks we don’t understand or to swear so it kind of feels like he is talking down on us when he speaks in English. We are in the highest level at the CLM and understand his Spanish! No need for English!! Grrr

I also have a class once a week with Professor Delgado and the rest of the Bucknell students. This class is Spanish history and culture. We learn about what we’ve seen on our trips, what we’re going to see, and more about the history of spain. Its interesting yet boring at the same time haha if that makes any sense. I love professor Delgado but he LOOOVEs to talk and sometimes we spend so much time talking about the most useless things.

This coming Monday is the annual holiday of Andalucia! Entonces, no hay clases! ENTONCESSS, I’m going to the Canary Islands with 6 other girls ☺ Hasta luego!!!

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