Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY! i have internet :) i am posting this cozy from my bed and not from a loud cafe or in the computer lab at school. it was quite the adventure but its all worth it now :)

i started classes on monday. I'm taking society and politics of spain, spanish art history baroque-present, modern spanish literature, and the required spanish language class. work wise the classes are going to be really easy. however, it is very difficult to have all of my classes in spanish. no zoning out here!

heading off to Barcelona tomorrow with Katie and Tamara. Just so happens that the boys on our trip booked the same flight to Barcelona so we'll have travel buddies. I'm doing research now on cool places to go and things to see in Barcelona. I am very excited.

Feeling a little better. Still kind of weak and sniffly. Hopefully I have a good long night sleep tonight because I have a long day of travel ahead of me tomorrow!

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