Monday, February 21, 2011

Things are good! It was really rainy the last few days but it was absolutely beautiful today. 65 and sunny! I didn't even need a coat! Classes are going well nothing to complain about. I had a really fun weekend! Katie's friends from home were here and we celebrated one of their 21st birthdays. We got free champagne!! Right now there is a French girl staying with us just for the week. She is here with her school to do an intensive Spanish class. She is 14 and doesn't speak spanish or english. Needless to say, its pretty awkward. She seems like a sweet girl but i don't know how she handles it. If i was 14 I would not be able to do that. Going to the canary islands this weekend! So excited! Really starting to count down the days until mom, alex, dad, and pete visit! Planning the itinerary and such.

Funny señora story of the week:
She is very old fashioned and OBSESSED with the weather. Whenever she sees snow on the TV she FREAKS out. If only she could see what the yellow house looked like this winter. Also, I've been sick a lot and Spanish people freak out when you get a cold (hence why she sent me to the hospital) Anyways, I was getting ready to go out at night and it had been a warm day so i was wearing jeans, a top, a jacket, and flats. She looks at me when i come out of my room and says (this is all in spanish of course) "you can't go out like that". now im thinking that my shirt is too low cut or something and am trying to figure out what is wrong with what i'm wearing. Then she points to my feet where I'm wearing my silver sequin flats that Kari gave me. She points to my feet and says "you need socks". She made me wear socks underneath my flats and then watched as i got on the elevator. I had to take off my socks and keep them in my purse all night. It was unfortunate to have stinky socks in my purse every time i went to reach for my phone/money.



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  1. Hola, Lucita.

    We have been catching up on your blogs, which we enjoy immensely. (OK, we really like teh food descriptions the most) The "travelog" makes me want to pack NOW. Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy some more...

    Pam and Dick