Saturday, January 22, 2011

Even if you don't have a facebook you can look at my pictures if you go to this link!


  1. Great pictures Lucy... I want to go to the teatería for schwarma (whatever that is?). Looks like it made you so happy. I want some of that!

    Greta seeing you and talking to you today. You really seem well.

    Maybe by your Señora a nice bottle of olive oil for dipping. Tell her we do that here and that she might like to try it too. Just try to live quietly in your Señora's house. You will get to know each other's ways. Give it a little time.


    BTW-I love that #44 is a Katie!

  2. So, I've been home sick for the past 4 days with strep and thought this would be the perfect time to catch up with what's going on with Lucy! I love the details and hearing about all the different foods. I can't believe they don't have dental floss! I loved the Alhambra when I went there. I still remember it. I even bought a book about it so I would always be reminded of it. Your senora seems to be quite diffcult. Good luck with her! It sounds like you're having the best time and I'm so happy for you. xoxo Margot