Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wow! I can't believe i've been here for 2 weeks. it's been quite a whirlwind! This week was pretty normal. Class Monday-Friday at the CLM and class on Tuesday with Professor Delgado and the rest of the Bucknell students. I got my schedule for February-May. I'm taking Politics and Spanish Society, Art History Baroque-present, Spanish women's literature, and a grammer class.
Katie and I have been struggling a little bit with our Senora. She is very old fashioned and is obsessed with her routine. We watch the same TV shows during each meal and we have the same conversation over and over again. Even when Katie and I try and change the topic to something different she changes it back. She is very stuck in her ways and judgemental. We have to do everything her way all the time and it is getting exhausting. She comments on everything we wear and is obsessed with our eating habits. There are so many rules! rules about lights, about how loud we walk, about when we eat, about how loud we talk, about the tv, etc etc etc. she has good intentions but it is hard to manage sometimes. Its hard to remember all of her rules and sometimes i just want to take a nap without her asking why i'm so tired. Last night Katie and I asked for some olive oil to dip our bread in and she was furious. The entire dinner she talked about olive oil and how she cooks wiht it enough so we shouldn't need more etc etc etc. Its hard to imagine how we're goign to be able to deal with her for 5 more months.
(Sorry just needed to vent!)

all the bucknell students here are so great and we all get along really well. All 26 of us go out together on the weekends and its so much fun! Last night we went to this discoteca and I danced until 5 in the morning! I didn't even think that was possible!! The city is incredibly beautiful and so full of life. Its hard to believe i've only been here for 2 weeks because I know my way around the city so well and feel so comfortable here!

Well that's all for now!

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