Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday 1/16/11
I was feeling much better today (but a little week) so Katie and I went out in search of an internet café. Everythinggg is closed in Spain on Saturday afternoon and Sunday so it was a bit difficult but we finally found a really nice little café that also had internet. It was so nice to get on facebook and check my e-mail and check in with everyone. I have felt sooo disconnected! I ordered tea and settled in for the afternoon. I couldn’t wait anymore and finally called my dad to video chat (it was only 8am his time…whoops!) it was so nice to see him (and abby). We should be getting internet early this week! After the internet café we came home for lunch and Lolita had made us paella! It was…interesting. It tasted good and in general I liked it but it was kind of…creepy. There were lots of things with legs in it. It had seafood, meat, and chicken. There lots of bones so I kind of just ate the rice. After lunch we had a meeting with our group to see the Catedral de Granada. It is the third largest cathedral in Spain. It was sooo beautiful and grand. The organ was incredible! They began building this cathedral in 1500 and finished in 1712. After the Catholics conquered the city of Granada from the Arabs they designed this cathedral to be the symbolism of the Catholic power. We also took a tour of the Capilla Real that was used in the 1500s for business negotiations. At the end of the reign of Fernando y Isabel this building was used as the tomb for the reyes catolicos (Catholic Kings). We saw the marble tombs and the gold alters. After the tour we got gelato (I was really hungry because I didn’t eat much of my paella)! I had cheese cake flavor it was incredible. For dinner we had bocadillas de jamón y queso and chicken noodle soup (for me because I’m sick). Lolita is a good nurse. Tomorrow back to classes ☹ and I have a date to video chat with mom and dad at 4! We don’t celebrate martin luther king jr. day in spain haha
That’s all for now!!

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  1. Glad you're feeling better and that Lolita is a good nurse... who knew eating was going to be such an adventure for you? But so glad you're being adventurous and diving in...

    We could use your extra sweaters here.... it's cold!

    Did you get into the Flamenco class? I know you said it was over subscribed. I have my fingers crossed for you. I just love that idea it will be a wonderful cultural pool for you to swim in.

    Keep a running list of things you need and miss and we'll fill up our suitcases! Sounds like you're also developing quite an itinerary for us... yippee!