Saturday, January 8, 2011

I have officially arrived in Granada. Travel was not too bad. The plane ride had a lot of turbulence but other than that it was fine. We drove from Madrid to Granada and the bus ride was really nice. I slept and looked at the beautiful landscape. There are mountains in the distance and palm trees everywhere! We even saw a bull farm that raises bulls for bullfights! We stopped for lunch at this nice restauarant in La Mancha (home of Don Quijote and Manchego cheese) and I had soup and meatballs (albondigas). Now I am in the hotel in Granada. It was 65 degrees and sunny today and i just got back from wandering around the city. There are beautiful fountains everywhere and the streets are cobble stone and marble. I definitely stand out like a sore thumb with my strawberry blonde hair and pale skin but thats okay. Tonight we're having dinner at the hotel and then we'll probably walk around a little and go get tapas y vino. Too tired and jetlagged for the discotecas but probably tomorrow. That's all for now! E-mail me responses or leave comments. I miss familiar faces and family already so feedback is appreciated. 

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  1. ¡Fantastico!

    You have arrived safely. So glad to hear it. I have figured out how to "follow" you. How do you like my profile picture? Look familiar?

    65 degrees is not bad at all... ;-) It's snowing here again today.

    Face to the sun my dear... just keep soaking it up and keep your eyes wide open... xxoo